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Our Contribution to Science

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Soon after Katherine was born, we received a letter from the Ohio State University’s Cognitive Development Lab.  The researchers at the lab are working on some study relating to how infants learn and categorize information.  I disregarded the first letter as well as the follow-up letter we later received.  However, when I received a call from Diana, the research associate at the lab, I let her convince me that this would be a worthwhile expenditure of our time.

The experiment consisted of having Katherine sitting on my lap and watching a computer monitor. Attached to the monitor was an infrared device which could tell where Katherine was looking on the screen.  For about half an hour, broken into much shorter modules, various objects flashed on the screen.  By tracking her eyes and where she looked, the researchers would be able to tell how she was identifying the objects and then later distinguishing them from different objects.

The lab itself is located in the Horseshoe, so I was able to get a picture of Katherine inside of the Shoe (unfortunately not on the field).

Quite appropriately, Katherine is clutching her Brutus doll

As a token of the lab’s appreciation, Katherine also received a diploma of sorts from OSU:  her bachelor of infancy.  How many people receive a bachelor’s before they step foot in kindergarten?

How the Cat Gets Exercise

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“He needs to lose weight,” said the vet in his Hungarian accent.  Our cat Elvis has been carrying a bit too much weight on his Russian Blue frame.  The vet advised us to change his food to Science Diet Light and to make sure he got exercise.

Until mid-July, Elvis’ best form of exercise was chasing (and being chased by) our other cat Jacob.  Jacob has gone to live elsewhere, and we have a new way to make sure Elvis moves around:  Katherine in her walker.  It took her about a week or two to become proficient in her walker, but once she figured it out, she realized that she could use her newfound mobility to chase after her very favorite toy – Elvis.

Yesterday, I was able to catch a few pictures of such a chase.

Katherine is minding her own business in her walker.

Katherine spots her quarry.

Elvis is unaware that the chase is about to begin.

Game on!

I Love College Football

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I love college football.  This started when I first moved to Ohio and began dating Ryan.  As do so many others, we ensured that no home game was scheduled on our fall wedding day.  (It was the away game at Cincinnati in the 2002 season.)  I have been lucky enough to attend a few home and away games.

I hope Katherine will enjoy the college football festivities and games as much as we do.  My cousin Ildi passed down some Ohio State clothes which her daughter had worn.  Below are some professional photos taken of Katherine in early June, 2010 sporting her Ohio State gear.