Digging a Tunnel through the Mountain

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In my experience, dealing with a traumatic loss and handling the grief is like having an insurmountable mountain right in front of you.  You have absolutely no choice but to address the mountain.  You have to dig a tunnel to the other side somehow, and you have no choice but to do it.  And no one can tell you exactly how to make your tunnel.

I remember crying when my mom was here with us right after Evangeline passed away.  I sat on the couch and said that I just couldn’t get through it, that the sadness and grief was too great.  But little by little, day by day, I dug my tunnel.  Not through anything deliberate that I did, other than just by experiencing the grief.  Expressing it to those around me.  Writing about it.  Praying and asking for prayer.  Spending time with others who had gone through the same thing.  Reading scripture and devotionals.  Slowly, the pathway through the mountain got a little bit easier, a little bit lighter.

Until one day it hit me out of the blue.  I don’t have to dig anymore.

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