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Future Soccer Player?

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Will she follow in the footsteps of her talented cousins?

In addition to swimming, we hope that Katherine will enjoy playing other sports when she gets bigger.  Her cousins both play soccer competitively – perhaps she’ll do so as well.  Of course, she will first have to learn that the soccer ball is for kicking, not teething.

Growing up!

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I have found it very easy to forget how little Katherine once was.  I look at her now and think that she came out this size, all 28+ inches and almost 20 pounds of her.  So I enjoy looking at pictures of her when she was first born to remember how little she actually was.

Daddy and Katherine - 2 days old

Daddy and Katherine - 6 months old

Summer fun with baby

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What, you lookin' at me?

A lot of our summer fun has involved the water.  I love to swim, as does Ryan.  When I found out that our gym provides Red Cross-certified swim lessons for children starting at 6 months, I decided I would sign Katherine up for lessons as soon as she turned 6 months old.  Ultimately, I waited until she was about 7 months old before she began lessons, partly due to the timing of the class and partly because I was a bit apprehensive about being in the water holding her.  Being so young, she is not getting much out of the class beyond learning to enjoy the water.  I, however, have found the class absolutely worthwhile because it has given me a decent comfort level for taking her into the water with me.

This picture was taken at Ryan’s parents’ house in Rushsylvania, Ohio.  Our gym has bigger pools than this.